When a Casino Scam Steals Your Money, Here’s What to Do?

When a Casino Scam Steals Your Money, Here’s What to Do?

When people decide to gamble responsibly for entertainment, they know they could lose some or all of the money they put on the table. However, if you have lost more money than you actually betted or if a casino scam artist refused to reward you with your winnings, then it is time to consult with Scam Survivor professionals. Learn how to spot a casino scam and what to do about it. 

The expression “the house always wins” is a well-known saying and even a cliche. The notion that a casino won’t let you walk away with winnings is a common one. However, if it were true in every case, no one would go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City hoping to win some money. There is a difference between legitimate gambling and casino scams. 

People lose a bundle in casinos because they tend to get greedy and bet all of their winnings as the stakes get higher. Those who can resist this temptation and bet just part of their winnings usually can leave the casino with some extra money. However, casino scams will rip off customers entirely by stealing their data or not handing over money they have won. 

Methods Used by Online Casino Scams

Here are some examples of common online casino scams: 

1. Stealing Deposits

Some games are over before they have even begun. This is true of fake online casinos 

That look just like a real casino site complete with bells and whistles. When the customer makes a deposit, the scammers will lock the customer out of the account and steal the money. In some cases, they will let them win a few times, ask for a bigger deposit, and steal all of it. 

2. Rigged Games

Some games never let players win in the first place, or they are designed to let the players win a few times, but then lose it all after a few more rolls or spins. The end result is that the money goes right back to the scammers no matter how much the player won in between. 

3. ID Theft

Many types of scams are phishing and identity theft scams in disguise. Some scammers will also rip people off in more ways than one. They will pretend to be an online casino and will steal deposits while they phish financial and personal information from the user so they will get more money from bank accounts and credit cards. 

4. Refusal to Pay Winnings

Some casino scams vary in the amount of theft and deceit they engage in. They will want to maintain somewhat of a decent reputation among small players and will give over winnings as long as they are a certain amount. However, when it comes to the big winnings they tout to hook people in, they will find any excuse to avoid handing them over. 

Alternatively, some casino scams won’t give anyone any money, even those with modest winnings. They may make excuses and say the player didn’t win or will cease communication and block the customer. 

How to Get Your Money Back from a Casino Scam

Unfortunately, too many people do not complain when they have lost money in a casino scam. They may feel that they are acting like a sore loser or that they should have known better than to gamble in the first place. 

Given that some are judgemental about gambling makes it easier for casino scams to work. Fraudsters feed off of the guilt and embarrassment of those who legitimately choose to gamble for entertainment. 

There is of course a world of difference between real gambling and casino scams. Don’t let fraudsters get away with it. Contact Scam Survivor today and consult with professionals who are well-versed in many types of casino scams and can help you get your money back.