Trader Defense Advisory

Trader Defense Advisory is a fund recovery service that claims to offer a free consultation, fund recovery services, intelligence reports as well as information, resources, and guidance for people who have lost money to various types of fraud or disputes. There is a lot written about TDA in the media and it was not difficult to reach out to the TDA team for questions. 

TDA seems like a real fund recovery service, but unfortunately, there are many fund recovery scams. Not only is it devastating to lose money to a forex trading scam or a crypto scam, but many of these people get cheated a second time by a fake service that guarantees that they will get 100% of their funds back. 

TDA already seems superior to other services because they do not make such extravagant promises and its content is well-written and informative. However, does this mean that TDA is the right fund recovery service? Is it legitimate or fake? Scam Survivor has examined TDA and the following is a review detailing our findings.

About Trader Defense Advisory

Trader Defense Advisory is based in Schaumberg, Illinois, and has several international numbers for customers to use to contact them. Their specialty is research, fund recovery, and consumer guidance regarding online scams and merchant or broker disputes. They claim to have retrieved $15 million for clients through credit card chargeback, bank wire recalls, and cryptocurrency recovery. 

TDA credits its team of professionals, expert strategies, advanced technology, and connections with law enforcement and banks across several continents for its fund recovery successes. It has a global reach and deals with clients, regulators, and banks in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. 

Trader Defense  Advisory Services

It is noteworthy that TDA offers a variety of services from start to finish. The following are the services outlines on its website. 


Like many other fund recovery services, TDA offers a free consultation. It should be noted that after the first meeting, there may be a fee for in-depth assessment. The client discussed their complaint with TDA professionals who determine if the case is likely to succeed and how much time it will take. Like all similar services, TDA charges a fee that is partly based on the amount of recovered funds. 

Fund Recovery

There are several types of fund recovery TDA uses, and most of the time, it depends on the method by which the client paid. These include credit card chargebacks, bank wire transfers, and cryptocurrency. 

Credit card chargebacks are refunds to a credit card. If you have ever had a credit card stolen and seen unauthorized charges on a card reported as lost or stolen, it is likely that the credit card company and the issuing bank reversed the charges right away. With frauds such as forex trading scams, it can be more difficult because the charges were authorized, although under false pretenses. 

To successfully get the money refunded to a credit card, TDA negotiates with an issuing bank and strives to prove the money was lost to a scam. When this happens, the credit card chargeback is usually made.  The same process is used with a bank wire transfer, although banks are usually less amenable to stopping wire transfers or freezing money that is sent to suspected fraud. 

However, TDA claims it has extensive experience with bank wire transfers and even more challenging, recovering stolen cryptocurrency in bitcoin scams. The conventional wisdom that cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous is not entirely true. TDA has the skill to uncover bitcoin scammers as well, according to its interviews and homepage. 

Types of Scams

TDA lists numerous scams on its website, including forex trading scams, crypto scams, CFD frauds, Ponzi schemes, identity theft, romance scams, government benefits frauds, and other categories. Also noteworthy is the amount of information contained on TDA’s site concerning these various types of scams, how to avoid them, and what to do once they have stolen money. 

Intelligence Reports

Intelligence reports and crypto reports are the results of a thorough examination of the client’s story and the suspected scam. It involves an in-depth investigation into the matter by professionals who are used to tracking down all types of frauds. 

Consumers can bring an intelligence report to authorities or regulators and make it easier to track down or discipline the scammer. It makes their jobs easier because they do not have to open a completely new investigation and provides context and supporting information that can make the difference between fund recovery and a complaint that goes unnoticed. 

What Others Say about Trader Defense Advisory

Trader Defense Advisory has consistently positive reviews on Trustpilot. However, this is not enough validation because many reviews on sites such as Trustpilot are fake. Unfortunately, many fund recovery services and brokers pay people to write fake positive reviews about them and fake negative comments about their competitors. 

However, there are other sources of validation for Trader Defense Advisory, Fund Recovery Checker conducted an interview with Ronen Benson, head of information security at Trader Defense Advisory. The interview described how TDA operates and gave a reasonable account of services without hyped-up language or extravagant guarantees. 

Also, TDA has many positive mentions in the press including on Yahoo, Benzinga, and other reliable sites. A look at the newsroom section on its website or a search on Trader Defense Advisory will reveal a multiplicity of articles highlighting TDA’s guidance and services.

Is Trader Defense Advisory Real or a Scam?

Although we can’t guarantee that no one will lose money with them, Trader Defense Advisory seems like a legitimate fund recovery service. Its site’s content is well-written and informative, the contact information is genuine and there are real people behind the site. There are many mentions of TDA in the media highlighting its services. It also provides a lot of information and guidance for consumers for free on its site. 

Although TDA seems to be a high-quality fund recovery service, it is also helpful to do some research into similar companies before making a final decision. Scam Survivor is also an effective fund recovery service that guides its clients in the process of recovering from scams. 

Have You Lost Money to a Scam? Talk to Scam Survivor

If you have been affected by a crypto scam, talk to us. The Scam Survivor team has vast experience investigating fraud and aiding clients with their complaints. Our strong working relationship with regulators, authorities, and financial services gives you a decisive advantage and helps you in your pursuit of fund recovery.