Sterling Law Review

Sterling Law is a fund recovery service that was founded in 2017 and has Payback, another fund recovery company, as its partner. It is based in Tel Aviv and despite its name, it is not a law firm. They consult with clients, give them an assessment of the likelihood of success and ask for upfront fees as well as a percentage of the money recovered. 

Sterling law has positive reviews not only on customer sites such as TrustPilot but on other review platforms. However, there are some drawbacks and questions raised under further examination. So is Sterling Law legitimate or a fake fund recovery service? Our experts have investigated Sterling Law’s website, reviews, and services and have produced this review to assist consumers. 

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About Sterling Law

One immediate drawback regarding Sterling Law is its name. It would seem that Sterling Law is a law firm or at least is staffed by lawyers. However, according to its website, there is no indication that this site is staffed with lawyers. The “About Us” section does not reveal the professional backgrounds of the team but instead re-iterates what the service does. 

There are plenty of confident statements on the site such as “why we are the best,” but without citing any credentials. Sterling Law discusses its “negotiating power” but it is no replacement for working with a lawyer. To be fair, fund recovery does not require a law degree, but the choice of the word “law” and “legal” in the site content repeatedly feels misleading. 

There are no names on the website behind the company, but it is located in Tel Aviv with international numbers available for the UK, Europe, and Australia. There is also an email address for information. 

Sterling Law Services

As with other fund recovery sites, customers start with a free consultation during which they can describe their case and the circumstances. Sterling Law states outright that it will not take cases less than $10,000. They charge a commission of between 7% to 9% of recovered funds. However, it also charges an upfront fee once the case is accepted of between $600 and $1200. 

The upfront fee can seem like a disadvantage but the commission is much lower than other services. Some fund recovery services will not charge an upfront fee but will take 30% of the recovered funds. Although there is a risk of losing the entire $600 to $1200, you will pay less if funds are recovered. 

Of course, every consumer has to decide for themselves which scenario is preferable. They also have to decide if the site and service are trustworthy. 

The services include consultation, case assessment, and fund recovery. Sterling Law claims to recover funds from forex trading scams, crypto scams, binary options scams, and CFD Scams. The website is professional-looking, user-friendly, and has high-quality writing. The site also claims that it has won $5 million for clients, but it doesn’t state how many successful cases it has handled. 

However, the tone sounds overconfident with headings such as “We Are the Best” and “Quick Cash Reclaim.” Statements like “We Are the Best” should be supported with credentials and press about the service. 

Also, they need to explain what is meant by “quick” cash reclaim. Not all cases are likely to succeed and those that are pursued may take weeks or months. It is important for a legitimate service not to overstate the case or overhype its promises. 

One minor point about the content, but which is telling, is that there is one section in which all of the words are capitalized. In addition, there are sections that have all caps which is the written equivalent of yelling and is amateurish. Other than these points, the website content is decent.

The Sterling Law Fund Recovery Process

The site clearly outlines Sterling Law’s process. It begins with a consultation during which the client discusses information about the company, dates of transactions, and the amount of money that was lost. It is a good idea for clients to provide as much documentation as possible for consultation and case assessment. 

After the documentation has been provided, Sterling Law will assess the case and determine the chances of fund recovery. According to the site, Sterling Law promises that clients will be told honestly if the case doesn’t have high odds of success and they aren’t charging them a high upfront fee for no reason. 

Is Sterling Law Legitimate or a Scam? 

After investigating Sterling Law’s website, reviews, and services, our experts have concluded that it is best for consumers to do their due diligence and do further research before signing up with Sterling Law as a fund recovery service. 

There are clear pros and cons to Sterling Law and it is worth further investigation. For instance, the fact it has “law” in the title but is not a law firm would be a turn off to many people as well as the fact that no actual names or professionals with credentials can be linked to this site

Another drawback to Sterling Law is its high upfront fee of $600 to $1200, although this is balanced by its low commissions of 7-9%. Whether it is worth the risk of losing the upfront fee to get a low commission would depend on how much the client trusts the fund recovery service, but without transparency, it is hard to know what to base the trust on. Also, no information is given on the site about its success rate, just confident statements that are not substantiated. 

This isn’t to say that Sterling Law is not a legitimate service, but there are too many questions to say for certain that it is not. It is worthwhile to research several fund recovery companies and choose the best for you. 

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