How to Survive a Scam

At Scam Survivor, we raise awareness about fraudulent activities and help people get their funds back. The increase in scams on the internet and in real life is staggering. From fake investment funds to social media romance scams to Forex trading frauds, scams are everywhere. Chances are, in the course of a day, you have been hit with as many fraudulent advertisements as promotions for legitimate services. 

So how can you distinguish real services from scams? This is where Scam Survivor can help you. We provide information, resources, and guidance to navigate your way through products and services, whether it is for Forex or Bitcoin trading or investment schemes. Our blogs educate consumers and provide tips for spotting scams right away.

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Types of scams

Brokers Disappearing

Here today, gone tomorrow. If that sums up your experience with your broker, then you have fallen victim to a common scam.

Fake Brokers

If you have some extra money to invest, be careful! Many fake brokers advertise their services–often aggressively—on the internet.

No Withdrawal

You can put it in but you can’t take it out. Our grandmothers might have said this about salt and pepper.

Brokers Scam Tactics

The internet has made shopping, socializing, and investing money more convenient, but the web is also a breeding ground for scams.

Social Media Forex Scam

Many people think they are too sophisticated to fall for online Forex scams.

Money transfer fraud

More consumers are shopping online. During the COVID-19 crisis, eCommerce, which had been rising up to that point, jumped to a 129% increase for sales in North America in early April 2020.

Get Your Money Back

We have helped thousands of clients unmask the identity of the scam artists and get their money back. This is not something most people can do on their own, but our team provides the support and resources to locate and retrieve client funds. 

Even though fraudulent behavior is widespread, many people who fall victim to these scams feel isolated. They may feel foolish about having been taken in and overwhelmed by the amount of money they lost. Unfortunately, financial tricksters often prey on people when they are at their most intense phase of need. 

Perhaps they are out of work, need to raise money fast to take care of a health issue or have debts to repay. People who need money are most likely to be manipulated by scam artists. 

However, anyone can be a victim of a scam. Sometimes it is quite difficult to know you are in a scam until it is too late and the fraudulent parties will not allow clients to withdraw money. At that point, it can be difficult to know what to do. Scam Survivor provides a full set of solutions so you can relax and work on recovering from this ordeal. 

The Scam Survivor team has a range of solutions for those who want to find out more about potential scams and for those who have already lost money to fraudulent schemes. We consult with clients, assess the case, and use documentation and data tools to locate the scam artists and funds. We will fight for you all the way and believe in the justice of your cause.

The Scam Survivor Team

Our experts at Scam Survivor have years of experience dealing with regulations, legal issues, and technology to track data. We take the broad-based approach to combating scams with knowledge of laws in specific regions, the methodology of fraudulent behavior, crypto technology, and data-driven strategies. We are also well-versed in consumer rights and protection as well as regulatory bodies that provide licenses and enforce them. 

Why go to Scam Survivor and not rely on the authorities or the regulatory agencies? It is important to report scams to relevant authorities. However, these organizations are overwhelmed by the scope of the problem, and have so many complaints to deal with that they may not get to your case fast enough. 

Unfortunately, scam artists tend to act fast and can disappear under a false identity before the authorities have the chance to even get started on the case. They may finally be able to warn others about specific scams, but they may not be able to punish the fraudulent parties sufficiently or much less, retrieve your funds. 

Scam Survivor works faster than the authorities and makes you the first priority. Also, we are razor-focused on the issue of fraud and are experts on the methodology of scams, whereas regulators and authorities deal with scams among hundreds of other types of crimes.

Scam Survivor is also focused on getting clients’ money back, whereas regulators and authorities may be satisfied merely to suspend a fraudulent organization or to put them out of commission without helping clients retrieve their funds. 

Technology unfortunately has enabled scam artists to find more ways to reach potential victims, but our tech-savvy professionals stay a step ahead of them with advanced data tools and crypto solutions. We can uncover identities and trace the location of funds so we can return them to clients.

We can help you, Contact us today

    Report a Scam

    If you have become a victim of a scam, it is important to act fast and report it. Those who perpetrate fraud can act very quickly and may have several names, websites, and identities to hide behind. This is why regulators and authorities often do not succeed in catching scam artists. Scam Survivor can get started promptly on your case as soon as you consult with us. 

    During the consultation process, we will ask you questions about your experience with the fraudulent organization so we can more easily find clues to track them. We will assess your case and determine the likelihood of finding the scam artists. Be prepared with documentation and all of the information needed to search for the perpetrators. 

    People may delay reporting a scam because they often feel a sense of shame about having been fooled by scam artists. It is essential to keep in mind that people lose billions of dollars to scams every year. Highly sophisticated investors, celebrities, and heads of major organizations can fall victim to scams. From the celebrity victims of Bernie Madoff to former political leaders who invested in the sham blood test company Theranos, it is clear that anyone can fall for a scam. 

    Contact Scam Survivors today and we can get started tracking down the scam artists. You will also want to report the fraud to the relevant regulators and the authorities, but this should not be done instead of pursuing justice through private means. 

    Authorities and regulators are notoriously slow at tracking down these scams, although they can bar the company from taking any new clients. Scam Survivors work closely with regulators and can help you achieve justice and prevent others from being harmed and cheated by fraudulent parties. 

    When you report your scam, make sure you have all of the essential information. This may be false information because scammers often use fake addresses and make misleading statements on their websites, but these provide clues for finding the scammers. Ensure you have all of the files documenting communications and transactions with the scam company. Our experts understand that even apparently minor texts or emails can provide significant clues. 

    Get started today and let us take care of your case. Whether a fake broker is sitting on your money and refuses to allow you to make a withdrawal, someone you met online has stolen your credit card information or a fake Forex platform has robbed you, Scam Survivor will track them down and help you get your money back. Reporting isn’t enough. We provide action and pursue justice on your behalf. 

    Provide your information today for a free consultation. Remember that scam artists act fast, and so should you! We will ask the right questions and have the advanced tools to find scammers and help you retrieve your funds.

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    Industry Expertise

    The Scam Survivor team brings together the skills of consummate professionals at your service. We have thorough fluency in the intricate structure of regulations and the tangled webs woven by fraudsters of all kinds. We will put our expertise and skill to work for you.

    High Quality Service

    If you want to pick up the pieces after losing your money in a scam, you need people who are going to understand your problem and have your back. Scam Survivor will be there day and night to support you and pursue justice on your behalf while working to retrieve your funds.

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